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Welcome to our members pages. As a girl placed in one of our host families we want to give you the best post-placement service possible.


We pride ourselves in giving all girls placed through us one of the most comprehensive and extensive post-placement support services on the market.

Our service to you does not stop when you arrive in your host family. We do everything possible to make your stay abroad with a family a positive experience.


Before leaving home you received a very detailed job description. In this description is laid out your duties and also your free time and salary. Your host family is bound by law to keep to the free time and salary stated on the job description. We insist on compiling a very detailed job description as this in our experience avoids misunderstandings once you arrive in your host family.


From this part of our web site we can offer you a vast choice of useful services.



 receive advice on how to make sure you get the most out of your stay abroad.


You can access our excellent support area if you feel you have a problem you need to discuss with us.


If the time has come to leave your host family you can let us know from here. .


You can login to your yahoo! or hotmail e-mail accounts

Remember we offer you a commission of 100.00 pounds sterling if you introduce 2 girls to our agency who then take up a position through our agency. Click here for more information

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