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Termination of Placement



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The time has come for you to move on and to leave your host family. You will probably have mixed feelings. Happy to be reunited with your family back home but sad to leave your host family and the children you have grown to love and all your new friends. We sincerely hope that your experience has been a positive one. Often girls establish life-long friendships with their host families and keep in touch after they have left.


We hope you have learnt about a different country and a different culture and that you will treasure your memories in the years to come.


Remember that if you have completed your length of stay your host family needs to pay for your holidays if you have not already taken them. For a one year stay you are entitled to one month's salary. If the agreed length of stay was less than a year the holiday period is calculated pro-rata.


If you are leaving before the agreed length of stay please remember that you need to give your host family 2 week's notice.


We need to know when you are leaving your host family and you can let us know from here. Simply fill in the form below. If you would like us to find you another family, maybe in another country, please fill in our on-line application form. Remember to quote your Candidate N so we can trace your documents. You do not need to send them to us again. If you can get your host family to write you a reference this would be a great asset to your application. Having already had an experience as an au-pair or nanny will give you the possibility to get a better paid position.  If you registered with us less than three years ago your application is still valid. Just tell us on the form below that you want us to look for another job for you


Once you return home you may be interested in acting as our agent. Click here to find out about our excellent part-time job opportunities as our correspondent.


Thank you once again for having chosen totalnannies.com for your employment needs.



First Name                                                                


Last Name                                                                 


Candidate Ref N                                                    


Family Ref N                                                         


Date you are leaving your host family                 



Reason you are leaving                                            


I would like you to find me another position   


I have completed my length of stay and would like to receive my completion certificate











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