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Welcome to our support page. We pride ourselves in giving excellent post-placement support and we believe this is one of the reasons we have such a high placement success rate.


If you are reading this page it is probably because you are encountering some problems with your host family. KEEP CALM!! In the majority of cases, problems that arise are due to misunderstandings, a language barrier or just not realizing what is expected of one another.


Before you submit a support request please try and sit down with your host family and try to talk things through. Often an honest chat can solve a lot of misunderstanding. Try and make a list of any confusing issues to share with your host family so that a better understanding is made between you.


If you have already tried talking to your host family and feel this has not solved the problem fill in our support request. We will respond within 24 hours to your request and if necessary we will contact you and your host family to try and solve any problems you are having.


Please complete all fields.


If your request is EXTREMELY URGENT we have a 24 hr help line you can access:+44 (0)7971 950105




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