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F100/11. Corbetta, Nr Milan, North Italy. Short term position. Au-pair needed for family with 2 children, twins Eugenio and Beatrice aged 7 1/12. Religion: R/C (by birth but very interested in all other religions and very open). Dad is a technical consultant for civil engineering sites ( he has his own company), mum is a translator, language teacher and mum. The family speak Chinese, English, French, Spanish and of course Italian. Other help kept: a housekeeper for 4-6 hours a week for all the housework. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Driver/Experience/English Mother Tongue. Use of car and internet given. To start 1st September 2012 for 4 months. Total 36 hours per week. Time off: Weekends including evenings and another 3 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 3 evenings a week. Salary: 100.00 p/w, negotiable ( around 90.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). The family live in a 2 floored country house that opens onto a courtyard in common with other families on one side and on the other side to the family's garden. Downstairs there is the kitchen, living room, guest room (which will be your room) and a bathroom with shower that will be yours and that you will be sometimes asked to share with the family especially for the laundry. On the 1st floor their is the parents bedroom, the children's bedroom, the family bathroom and other spaces that at the moment are used as play areas but that they are restructuring. (The are planning to buy an attached property in order to make the house bigger). The garden is quite big. The family live in a  small village of 1000 inhabitants in the Corbetta area, a small nice town in the province of Milan, linked to Milan by train and bus (1/2 hour journey). You will have use of one of the family's cars to take the children out and for all other needs as the village itself is not linked with public transport. You can also use the car to reach the nearest Milan underground station ( a 20-30 minute drive) to go to the centre of Milan for Italian lessons or whatever you wish to do in your free time. Accommodation: a private room on the ground floor with a comfortable sofa bed, a table and chair for a computer and studying, a cupboard, a chest of drawers. The floor is parquet and the room is comfortable and large. There is a bathroom next door with toilet and shower which is also sometimes used by the family to do the laundry (there is a washing machine and dryer there). Duties: Mum does not go to work every day as she does translations from home and is trying to start an on-line business. This means there is no exact schedule everyday but that the schedule changes day by day. In general  mum needs (as her husband is often overseas as he works for civil engineering project), a person who will support her in the care of the children, cooperating in the mornings like for example preparing breakfast, helping the children get dressed, sometimes taking them to school, maybe clearing the breakfast away etc. Helping the children to keep their bedrooms tidy, helping with the children's laundry, going when needed to pick them up from school, take them when needed to their after school activities or to friends' houses. It is about 5-6 hours a day flexible concentrated in the early morning, in the afternoon and at night helping with bedtime. There maybe days when you are asked to work only 2 hours a day and other days when you are asked to work 7 hours per day. You are also required to babysit for 2 evenings a week when mum and her husband go out for dinner ( but it may also happen that they only go out for one evening a week or don't go out at all). If you can also cook for the kids when needed it would be appreciated. Or you can cook the family's recipes that mum will show you or you can try out your own recipes on the family! In general, what is also very very important for mum is that you help the children improve their English and Spanish if you speak Spanish by playing actively with them, suggesting activities to them etc. They have a housekeeper who comes in 2-3 times a week to do the housework and ironing. Most weekends are free but there can be some situations when you will be asked to work weekends, either if the children are ill (hopefully never!) or because the family want to take you with them to the mountains or somewhere else  or for other unforeseen circumstances. The family will give you extra time off in these situations. In general mum considers an au-pair  like an "older sister" for the children. She will take care of you, respect the contract, help you with your needs and she would like from you flexibility and cooperation depending on the situation. Family's interests: Tavelling, reading, art, music, eastern and different cultures in general, foreign languages, art and crafts, the mountains, beautiful places in general. The family have a home in the mountains in Champorcher, in the Aosta Valley and go there in the summer and sometimes in the winter. They also go sometimes to the seaside and sometimes travel to different places. They have 4 cats and a hamster. The family already had a positive experience with an American au-pair (not through our company). The children are quite used to different people, cultures, languages and look forward to welcoming another au-pair! Both children are very clever and creative, and they are slowly improving their level of English. Mum expects the au-pair to be creative with them and be able to play with them, in order to teach them English in a natural way. Milan is the financial and fashion capital of Italy. There are lots of things to see and do. The dolomites, lake region and Swiss border are not far away. There is a large international community and other girls working in the area.

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