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F076/11. Lazise del Garda, North Italy. Summer position. Mother's help needed to look after 2 children, Andrea aged 13 & Marco aged 11. Religion: R/C. Dad is a journalist,  mum does not work. The family speak English and of course Italian. Other help kept: A housekeeper for 6 hours per week for the heavy housework. Requirements: Ability to Swim/Driver/Experience/English Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of car given. To start 10th July 2011 for 2 months. Approx hrs of work: 9.00/10.00 am to 1.00pm. 2.00pm-6.00pm. Total daily hrs: 8. Time off: Weekends including the evenings and all evenings. Salary: 150.00 p/w, negotiable (around 90.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). The home where you will be staying is in the village of Lazise. It is a very large house. Sometimes the family will stay there and sometimes they will stay in another house nearby which is smaller and only suitable for family members. 50 meters from the family's home there is the bus stop with buses that go to Verona and other areas nearby. The family will be returning from a holiday on the 9th July and immediately will start refurbishing their house by the lake and will be moving into the house in August. The family are looking for someone who will stay with the children whilst the parents are busy with the refurbishment work and the move. They are not looking. for someone to do heavy housework, only give a hand, like for example lay and clear the table at mealtimes with the children and keep clean the part of the house where you will be staying. Accommodation: an apartment with use of kitchen and own private bedroom & bathroom on the third floor. The two floors below will be refurbished (not work which will be really inconvenient) in the month of July. Duties: The children are used to spending the summer in a campsite near the family's home which up to last year was owned by the family. Now that it no longer belongs to the family and that the parents are busy with the refurbishment work and the move they would like that the children stay at the campsite with someone who will supervise them whilst they are by the pool or simply someone who is there for them if they need something. They would also like you to speak English to the children so that they can learn English. Often the children eat at the campsite restaurant at lunchtime and in the evening and you could eat with them and when they are there with the parents. The family have indicated 8 hours work per day but it is difficult for them to say specify exactly the hours because, for example if the children get up late you would start later and finish later. Or you could stay at home with the parents all morning or afternoon if for example it is raining. The family have a lifestyle which is always full of unexpected events and changes at the last minute. They are looking, therefore, if possible, someone who is open and willing. There will be days you will stay by the pool sunbathing (for the most part) and others where maybe you will e asked to take the children out and about or stay at home with the parents and help them to lay and clear the table whilst the parents are busy with the refurbishment work. It is very difficult for the family to describe the duties because they also don't know now how the situation will develop. Family's interests: Cinema, books, travel. The family go on holiday to the sea and the lake. They have a large female dog called Gandhi who is 3 years old, a Bullmastiff and she is very well behaved. The area where the family live is a lovely tourist destination with lovely scenery and the beautiful lake Garda.

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