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F042/11. Abu Dhabi. UAE. Nanny needed for high profile family with one child, a baby girl called Aisha who is 5 months old. Religion: Muslim. The family speak Afrikaans and English. They have 7 other members of staff who work 60 hours per week and all housework is taken care of. Requirements: Non-Smoker/Experience. Use of car is given. There is a chauffeur available. To start 1st September 2011 for 1 year. Approx hrs of work: 8.00am-1.00pm. 5.00pm-10.00pm. Time off: 1 1/2 days including the evenings. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 5 evenings a week. Salary: 8000 UAE Dirham per week, negotiable (around 1354.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). The family live in the city centre. Accommodation: The family have 2 bedrooms available which are designated for the female helpers at home. You will be asked to share one of these bedrooms with maximum 3 other members of staff. The accommodation arrangements can be negotiated. Duties: You will be provided with a helper to assist you in your duties. You will be required to accompany Aisha at all times during your working hours whether at home or outdoors. You will also be required to follow up Aisha's feeding and sleeping schedules and bathing times in coordination with the additional helper provided. You are required to keep a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness of Aisha's bedroom and clothes. You are also required to follow up on her medical appointments with regard to her vaccines or visits to the doctor. Family's interests: Sport, oil paintings. The family usually travel twice a year to Europe. The staff at home are all female and friendly. They are mainly from Morocco and the Philippines. The family are looking for a nanny who could blend in with the other staff and the home environment. The family sometimes have special occasions where you would be required to work overtime. However you will be informed of this in advance and paid extra for any extra hours worked. The family will provide medical assistance and tickets to your home country and for any emergency. You will be asked to respect the family's privacy and be open about your duties. A very attractive offer. Dubai is not far where there is a large international community and lovely beaches.

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