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Cagliari, Island of Sardinia, Italy



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F040/12. Cagliari, Island of Sardinia, Italy. Short term position. Junior Nanny for family with one child, Andrea aged 13. Dad has his own business, mum is a company director. Religion: R/C. Other help kept: a housekeeper for 40 hours per week for all the housework. Requirements: Non-Smoker/English Mother Tongue. Use of car and internet given. To start asap for 4 months.  Total weekly hrs: 36. Time off: 1 1/2 days off per week including evenings and another 2 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 3 evenings a week. Salary: negotiable based on age and experience. The family live in the city centre. There is public transport nearby. The family have already had a candidate from our company, a girl from the USA who stayed there 8 months and was very happy there. The family are looking for a candidate who will help the whole family improve their English, you would therefore divide your time between the different members of the family (mum, dad, son). Accommodation: Private bedroom with bathroom in a separate apartment near the family's main home, an apartment in central Cagliari. Duties: As the family have their own business in the construction sector all around Sardinia and as the family  have business interests in Italy and overseas, they often travel and therefore need to plan a working timetable week by week, based on their schedule, modifying hours of work and giving extra free time if more hours have been worked the previous week whilst travelling. You will need to speak in English with three people: dad, mum and son. Dad: He needs to improve his English especially for work. As he travels often and has a work schedule where he needs to visit different offices all over Sardinia you will need to travel with him so as to speak to him in English in the car, at work in the office,  or out and about in meetings or whilst meeting clients to which he participates with his assistants. He also requires his assistants to speak to him in English. Mum: She has just started to learn English. Andrea: He is preparing for the Ket exam and is the member of the family who has the best knowledge of English. The family want him to improve it even more as he will be going in the future to study overseas. Family's interests: The family have business interests in the tourist industry, hotel industry and restaurant industry. In their free time they enjoy going into the countryside, going to the beach, travelling, playing tennis, water volley ball and going to the gym. The family spend their holidays in their beach villa in Santa Margherita Pula a beautiful beach resort, 37kms from Cagliari which is the capital of Sardinia. Often at weekends in May, June, July, September, October and November they go to the villa or they go to other areas of Sardinia and out of Sardinia for events etc. As in these moments and in these locations the family have more time to speak English with their Junior Nanny or between themselves always in English as it was a game, this will make it easier for them to learn the language and therefore they will plan with you week by week your time off which will more likely be during the week. The family have a dog, a beagle. You will not need to do any housework or cooking. They have other staff and they themselves love cooking. Regarding housework you will need to keep your own bedroom and bathroom clean and tidy and will be asked to do some light housework such as laying and clearing the table at mealtimes, tidying up etc all in collaboration with the family. For the proper housework they have other staff both at home and in the office. The family's main residence is a few meters from their main office in the centre of Cagliari so you will spend your time between these two locations and travel with the family to their beach villa. This is an interesting and unusual short term position in a great location. Sardinia is a beautiful island with Caribbean style beaches which is very popular during the summer with lots of tourist visiting. A great position for a beach lover.

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