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assisted by our multi-lingual staff who are available to answer any of your queries relating to your stay abroad.




The opportunity to get to know a friendly English family from within and practice your English in a real life-situation. A stay in the UK in an English host family gives you the ideal opportunity to exercise your knowledge of the language. You are surrounded by the language all day and it is inevitable that your language skills will improve even if your stay is short.




All our host families are located near places of interest and in London with easy access to the underground. Examples of places to visit are museums, art galleries, stately homes etc. The UK is rich of cultural and historic places to visit and London is the entertainment capital of Europe with its famous West End theatre district with 100s of shows playing every day.




The possibility to have a large selection of economical high quality accommodation in host families. All our host families have students staying in their home on a regular basis and are receptive of a foreign student's needs and accommodation is located in central areas of cities or in beautiful rural areas of the English countryside and it is possible to choose from bed and breakfast, half board or self-catering. All accommodation is inspected and approved by our agents.





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