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F185/08. London, Uk. Housekeeper and assistance with elderly lady needed for family of 5 composed of parents, two children aged 16 & 22 and a 86 year old grandmother. Jason the 16 year old goes to school full-time. Miriam the 22 year old has graduated from University with a degree in psychology and is at home for the moment. The parents work from home and have their office in their loft and run a busy internet recruitment company and let property. Mum also works as a freelance consultant and sometimes has to travel overseas on business. Requirements: Willing to do Housework/Ability to Cook/Non-Smoker. If you can drive it would be very useful to run errands, go shopping etc but it is not essential. Use of internet given. To start asap for 6 months or longer. Approx hrs of work: 9.00am-2.00pm. 5.00pm-10.00pm. Total daily hrs: maximum 10. Time off: Weekends including all evenings. Salary: 800.00 per month. 900.00 per month if you can drive. The family live in a nice green residential area close to public transport. The underground station, Morden is on the northern line and is a 10 minute walk from the family's home. Central London can be reached in 35 minutes. The bus stop is a 2 minute walk and it takes 10 minutes by bus to Wimbledon and Sutton, 2 very nice shopping areas with all kinds of shops. The family live in a 5 bed-roomed house with a living room, dining room, kitchen, home office and bathroom. Another bathroom is being renovated. There is a large garden. The family are looking for someone with a can do attitude, energetic, hard-working, trustworthy and who can take initiative. A certain amount of flexibility is required. Accommodation: a very small but nice single bedroom with bed, drawers, wall units a TV with dvd player and wifi. The grandmother has very bad arthritis and unfortunately in August fell and broke her hip. She is currently in hospital recovering from an operation to get a new hip. At the moment she needs assistance with getting in and out of bed, with washing herself, going to the toilet, dressing, walking. Hopefully this situation will improve with the operation but that is the situation at the moment. Your duties would be as follows: start at 9.00am every morning Monday to Friday. Prepare the grandmother's (Agnes) breakfast, help her to wash all over including her intimate parts, help her to get dressed and help her to get out of bed and sit her in her chair. She will need help in going to the bathroom when she needs to and you will need to get her anything she needs, assist her in whatever she needs, go and do some shopping for her, help her put cream on her legs or elsewhere etc. A bell system has been devised for her so when she needs something she rings the bell, however once she is up and dressed she reads, watches tv, listens to the radio etc so does not really need assistance unless she needs something. Once you have attended to her needs you will need to get on with the housework. The work is organized so that Monday the downstairs is cleaned thoroughly, that means cleaning the bathroom very well, the tiles, toilet, shower, hoovering the bathroom floor and washing it and changing the towels. Making sure there is toilet paper, emptying the bin. You then hoover the hall, stairs and landing and clean all the wood parts of the hall and wash the hall and landing floors. Hoover the stairs. You clean the kitchen thoroughly, the worktops, doors of the units, tiles, fridge inside and out, any cupboards that need cleaning, empty the rubbish and clean out the bin, you hoover the kitchen floor, and wash the kitchen floor. You clean the dining room, dusting, cleaning all the surfaces and objects and hoover and wash the floor and the same with the living room. You would then clean Agnes's room, change her bedding, tidy up her room, dust the objects and hoover and wash the floor. That would be the cleaning schedule for Monday. You would at around 1.30 pm prepare a simple lunch for all of us. You would finish at 2.00pm and have a break till 5.00pm. You would then start work again at 5.00pm and work till 10.00pm. We eat at 8.00pm then the table needs clearing and cleaning and the kitchen needs cleaning up after supper. However if we go out for dinner or are out you would finish earlier. Flexibility is needed. Sometimes you may finish at 10.30pm if we are late eating other times at 7.00pm or 8.00pm. if we are not there. You would also need to take Agnes out for a walk at some point during the day (even if just round the block) so that she can get some exercise and fresh air. Every Monday you would do a meal plan with the mother for the week with recipies to follow for the meals of the week and you would be given money to do the shopping for what is needed. You would cook the evening meal and you would eat all together with the family at 8.00pm. You would then clear the table and kitchen after supper and help Agnes get changed for bed and get into bed. Her commode that is near her bed will also need cleaning if she has used it. On Tuesdays the upstairs gets cleaned thoroughly. You would give the downstairs a quick tidy up and clean the 3 bedooms upstairs very well. That means tidying up, putting things away, dusting, changing all the bedding on the beds, hoovering, washing the floors, tidying up the cupboards inside etc. On Wedensday it is ironing day, you would give the house a quick tidy up and then do the ironing for the whole day. Thursday is the same as Tuesday but you would not change the bedding on the beds. Friday is the same as Monday but you would not change the bedding on Agnes's bed. You would also fill the washing machine on a daily basis. There is a dishwasher. Basically the family needs someone who will attend to Agnes and assist her in anyway she needs. When you are not attending to Agnes you would get on with the other duties. The family are looking for someone proactive, who can take initiative and see what needs doing. Someone who can take pride in their job. For example if you have time on your hands and can see that a job needs doing, for example cleaning a window that is dirty or a cupboard that needs cleaning out and take the initiative to do it. The mother is very busy and often does not have the time to keep telling you what to do. You need to be able to work independantely. The family have a studio apartment that they let out for holiday lets. This also needs cleaning about once a week, sometimes less, sometimes more and you would need to go there and clean it. In that case obviously for those hours you are at the studio you would skip the schedule at home. It is very important you don't mind attending to Agnes's personal care after she has been to the bathroom until she becomes, hopefully more able. All weekends are off but you may be asked to work on a Saturday or Sunday if the guests in the studio are leaving and new people are arriving the same day. In that case you would be given another day off to catch up the extra day worked. This is an easy going, informal family who is flexible but are very busy and need someone to get the job done. You would need to pay your own taxes if you want to do so and the family will pay 4 weeks paid holiday after one year or 2 weeks after 6 months. You can take this at an agreed time but not in August as that is the month the family go on holiday.

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