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F113/10. Cavi di Lavagna, Near Genova, North Italy. Long or short term position. Mother's help or Nanny needed for 3 children, Giacomo 12, Giobatta 9 & Ginevra aged 7. Religion: R/C. Both parents are in commerce. The family speak English and of course Italian. The school is located 5 minute by car from the family's home or 25 minutes on foot. Giacomo starts school at 7.45/8.00am and finishes at 1.30pm. Giobatta & Ginevra start school at 8.15am and finish at 12.15pm. Giacomo goes to school and comes back from school with the bus. Giobatta and Ginevra need to be taken to school. They come home from school with the school bus. They live in a small house in the countryside, 5 minutes from the village surrounded by a garden. Requirements: Driver/English Mother Tongue/Non-Smoker/Ability to Cook/Experience/Ability to Swim/Willing to do Housework. Use of car given. To start asap for 4, 6 or 12 months Accommodation: Own private bedroom with 2 windows and sea view. There is a bed, bedside table, chest of drawers, bookcase, desk & piano in the room. Approx hrs of work: 7.30am-8.30am. 12.30pm-8.30pm. Total daily hrs: 9. Duties: help with housework, teach English, look after the children, keep the children's bedrooms clean and tidy, take the children to sport activities, prepare the children's lunch and supper. Time off: Saturday afternoon and evening and all day Sunday including the evening and another 1-2 evenings off. The other evenings you are asked to babysit if the parents go out Salary: 250.00 -  300.00 p/w, (around 270.00, at the current rate of exchange) depending on experience and qualifications. The family have varied interest. They go on holiday to the beautiful island of Elba. They have 2 cats, 2 canaries and 4 chickens in the garden. They will soon be getting a dog. Genvoa is a nice town on the Italian Riviera. In this area there are lot of lovely beach resorts all along the coast and it gets very busy in the summer. The family is well known to us. We have already provided them with 3 candidates for the last 3 years, 2 from Australia and one from the USA who where very happy there and completed their contracts. There are other girls working in the area.

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