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F109/11. Cavi di Lavagna, Nr Genova, North Italy. Governess/Tutor needed for 3 children, Giacomo aged 14, Giobatta aged 10 & Ginevra aged 8. Religion: R/C. Both parents have their own business. The family speak English and of course Italian. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Swimmer/Driver/Non-Smoker/Experience/English Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of car and internet given. To start 1st December 2011 for 1 year. Approx hrs of work: 12noon-9.30pm. Total daily hrs: 9 1/2. Time off: 1 1/2 days including evenings and another 3 evenings off per week. You are asked babysit for a maximum of 2 evenings a week. Salary: 300.00 p/w, negotiable (around 261.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). Giacomo attends the first  year  of high school, he goes to school by train. Both the younger children go to primary school and need to be driven to school at 8.15am, they catch the bus back home at 12.15pm. The school is a 5 minute drive from the family's home. An international driving licence is required if you do not have an eu licence. All the children have busy afternoon schedules. They have sport activities every day. They need to be driven back and forth. The family live in a nice 4 bed-roomed country house with 3 bathrooms, a laundry room, a kitchen and a living room. There is a big garden and a vegetable garden. It is surrounded by olive trees with a stunning view of the sea. Accommodation: large private bedroom with a desk, wardrobe, double bed and a fireplace. It has a small window and French windows that open out onto the garden. Duties: prepare the children's lunch for when they come back from school, tidy up the kitchen and supervise their homework. Teach them English everyday and drive them to their sport activities. Make sure they go out clean and tidy and supervise them in their duties. The children always make their beds before going to school and remind them to brush their teeth, tidy up their rooms etc. Family's interests: Sport, animals, going to the beach. The family live in a tourist area near a very nice beach. They go on holiday to the Island of Elba where they have a home. They have a dog and 2 cats. In the barn they have 3 chickens and a rooster. The family are looking for a candidate who is very patient and extremely flexible regarding the hours of work and schedule. The winter and summer routines are completely different. The area where the family live is lovely. Genova is a historic port town and all along the coasts  there are lovely beach resorts with lovely sandy beaches. The are is very popular in the summer. This family is well know to us we have placed 6 candidates with this family.

Reference from previous candidate

From:	Patrina 
Sent:	15 July 2010 10:24
To:	charlotte@totalnannies.com
Subject:	Referece for the Campodonico Family
Dear Charlotte, 
I have been asked by Flaminia to provide a family reference for her file.  I have no 
hesitation in doing so. 
I was a member of the Campodonico family for more than 15 months.  Yes, one should be 
saying, I was an employee, but that never seemed the case.  From the moment I arrived in 
Italy I felt like I belonged.  The family and extended families were always helpful, 
considerate and a mutual respect was always given.  This led to a loving relationship being 
built with the children. 
Giac, Gobi and Gi all require assistance with homework, with an emphasis being placed on 
English.  They are all sports minded and enjoy their afternoon sports activities.  Keeping to a 
routine during the school months enables the children to cope with their agendas. Holidays 
are more relaxed for the children. Many hours are spent on the beach swimming, fishing 
etc.  Over the summer months Fla and Ste both have business commitments so longer hours 
are required to be spent with the children.  This is balanced over the winter months with 
working hours decreasing.   
I am sure anyone who takes a position with the Campodonico Family will have a rewarding 
and fruitful stay.   
Patrina Philben, 
T :-)  
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