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Nr Pisa, North Italy



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F088/12. Lari, Nr Pisa, North Italy. Long or short term position. Junior Nanny 1 boy, Guccio aged 15. Religion: R/C. Dad is retired, mum has her own business. The family speak English, French, Spanish and of course Italian. Other help kept: a housekeeper for all the housework, laundry and ironing. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Driver/Non-Smoker or willing to smoke only outside/Excellent English even if not mother tongue. Use of car and internet given. To start 2nd October 2012 for 4 or 6  months. Total daily hrs: 6. Time off: Weekends including the evenings and another 3 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 2 evenings a week. Salary: 100.00 p/w, negotiable (around 90.00 at the current rate of exchange). The family live in a village in the Tuscan hills. There are buses  and a train station to get to Florence and other towns 15 minutes from the family's home. You will have use of a car if you are responsible and can drive well. The family are looking for a candidate who is an experienced driver. The family are looking for someone who knows how to teach English. Accommodation: own private bedroom with ensuite & wifi. Duties: The family are very flexible regarding the hours of work. You will need to take Guccio to school and go and pick him up. After taking him to school you are then free in the mornings. You must however keep your own bedroom very clean and tidy and help with keeping Guccio's belongings in order, encourage him to tidy up after himself, etc. No washing or ironing is required. You will need to eat with Guccio when he gets back from school so that you can speak to him in English. Family's interests: Music, reading, travel. The family go on holiday to Forte dei Marmi. They have a small dog who is very well behaved. The family is very flexible regarding the evenings off. No babysitting is required as Guccio is older, he is a teenager. You must love the countryside and a country life. There is a nice cinema, some small bars. You can go home at Christmas as the family might be going on a trip. They will agree this with you. You can then come back in January if you want and the family will possibly pay for your flight at Christmas. The important thing is that you are happy with the family and that you have good English, are cheerful and you know how to involve and interest the boy as he has to improve a lot his English as he is struggling with it.   The area is lovely with beautiful countryside and Pisa with the famous leaning tower and Florence with its beautiful architecture and works of arts is nearby.

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