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F072/12. Rome, Italy. Mother's Help for family with 1 child, Francesco aged 8. Dad is a musician, mum works as a secretary. The family speak French, English and of course Italian. Requirements: Ability to Cook/Driver/Non-Smoker/Experience/English Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of car given. To start asap for 6 or 12 months. In the middle of the day take the dog for a walk. Total daily hrs: 55 per week. Time off: 1 1/2 days including evenings and another 4 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 1 evening a week. Salary: 250.00-350.00 p/w, negotiable based on age and experience (around 198.00- 280.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). Francesco is in his 3rd year at primary school and goes to school from 8.20am to 4.20pm. Usually mum takes him to school and dad picks him up  and takes him to friends' houses, or home or to different after school activities (swimming, football). Sometimes because of work issues the family need someone who will take Francesco to school and who will go and pick him up. It can happen 1 month a year that mum can't take him to school because she is travelling on business and now and again (approx once or maximum twice a week) that dad can't go and pick him up from school. Use of car is given or there is public transport, a bus or the underground go near the school and then it is 500 meters but unfortunately uphill! But it is a nice walk. The school is located approx 3kms from the family's home. The family live in a very central location near the Colleseum in an area called Monti. It is a very central location with public transport. It is like living in a village but one is in Rome. One can also get about by bike. The family's home is not very big. There is a double bedroom, Francesco's bedroom and a very small bedroom which will be  your bedroom, a large living room and kitchen. The family have a very old and well behaved female dog who is 16 years old and is an angel he is so well behaved. For the family he is like a second child. When the family are out at work in the morning or at lunchtime you are asked to look after the dog. Accommodation: A very small bedroom without a window. Unfortunately the family's home is bang in the centre of Rome and there is not much light. The family spend a lot of time in the neighbourhood and only spend time at home in the late afternoon and evening. The bedroom has a large single bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and air conditioning. It is possible to install a PC to watch films. Duties: Prepare breakfast and the evening meal  and lunch if he is not at school. Take him to school and go and pick him up if needed. Keep the house clean. Do the laundry. The most important thing for mum more than anything else is that you really love children and you treat him as he was your own child. You need to have a strong personality so that he will respect you and help you. Mum does not want someone who will be at his beck and call and serve him hand and foot. They are looking for someone who will help him grow up collaborating with housework (laying and clearing the table, making his bed, getting dressed alone). Someone who is patient and sensitive who knows how to stimulate children with games and who will give him enjoyment out of following rules. Family's interests: Sport, music. The family spend form June to September in Argentario a beach location in Tuscany where they have a home. The English language is becoming very important and mum wants  to introduce it to Francesco so it is very important that you speak English but that you approach it gently as if it was a game so that he does not reject it. During your working hours if you do not have to go and pick Francesco up from school you will need to give a help round the house (do some extra housework or take the dog out. You will  need to really love children and be flexible. There will be some days where you probably won't even see Francesco because he will be busy with friends or sport. There will be other days where there will be more to do. This a fantastic position in the heart of Rome giving  unique opportunity to really live the Roman dream!  Rome is the capital of Italy and there is loads to see and do also in the surrounding area such as the Amalfi coast, Capri, Vesuvius, Pompeii etc. The sea is not far away. There is a large international community and other candidates working in the area.


Extra info

The parents are very "hands on" in the child's life and part from when they are at work when they are with the child they really spend time with him. Dad nearly always goes to pick him up at school and mum nearly always takes him. The person that the family are looking for is someone who will mainly do general housework when the parents are busy with the child. When they can't spend time with him because of work or other commitments you should be willing and available to look after him in a constructive way through play, teaching him English, involving him in activities. Therefore during the working hours do general housework if the parents are looking after the child and look after the child if the parents are not there.

It is very important that you are able to get Francesco to accept you. He has been looked after for the last 4 years by a mature 65 year old nanny who was very responsible and maternal. A real grandmother! When you arrive don't expect Francesco to welcome you with open arms. He may not initially have a positive reaction to a new person and you need to win him over with time. He has a strong character but is also very intelligent and has a good nature. If when you arrive you patient and know how to win him over slowly the relationship will be very successful. You should not get discouraged if initially he rejects you. You should be aware of this.

You need to know how to impose yourself with Francesco. He tends to take advantage of anyone who is not mum. You need to get him to listen to  you as if you were his mum and she has also explained this to him. You need to be capable of being authorative (and not authoritarian) and loving and the placement will be a success.

The family are very easygoing. They are not traditional and are very welcoming.

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