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Nr Udine, Italy




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F069/11. Lignano Sabbiadoro, Nr Udine, North Italy. Summer Position. Mother's Help needed to help look after 2 children, Umberto aged 5 1/2 & Alda aged 2 1/2. Religion: R/C. Both parents own 2 restaurants. The family live in a small semi-detached villa with small garden in a quiet area of the resort, 10 minutes by bike from the beach and near public transport. Requirements: Non-Smoker/Ability to Cook/Willing to do Housework. The family will give use of car only if needed. To start 1st May 2012  for 4 months, till the 31st August 2012  Accommodation: own private small bedroom with air conditioning and a terrace. Ts: otal daily hrs: 10. Duties: Play with the children, change them, wash them, take them out for walks or on bike rides, to the beach, etc. Put them to sleep, feed them if you are working during mealtimes. cook them a quick meal, wash up, hang out the laundry, tidy up the living room, tidy up the children's toys etc. Time m off: 1 day including the evening and another 2 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 4 evenings a week. Salary: £200.00 p/w. Family's interests: Internet, reading, the outdoors, bike rides. Lignano Sabbiadoro is a famous beach resort with large sandy beaches. It is very popular with tourists and very vibrant and busy in the summer. There is a great night life. This is a fantastic summer position in a great location.

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Letter from the family

Ciao! We are a friendly and easy going family!!

We have 2 children: Umberto 5 jears and Alda 2 jear.

We live in a nice touristic town in Italy, Lignano Sabbiadoro, near Venice,  where is a beautifull sea , a lot of shops and a lot of pepole in summer time...

We have a nice new house with a little garden, we donít smoke...and here is all thath you need: the see, the beach, the sun, bicicles at home, pc linee, satelite tv, your own room, etc...

We are looking for a girl thath will feel as a sister for us.... we are young, but really busy! We have 2 restaurants and we work a lot!

Both our children are really very kind...the big one speaks a lot....the little one not jet!!

You can go with they to the beach every day too!! Or to the Hamingway park thath is near our home...or to the big market on monday, near too, or just play in garden...and so on....as you and the children will!

We canít not exactly say the time we need you for looking the children....because every day for us is different...but sure at night from 16.00-17.00 aproximatly till we come back from work....can be 22.00 or 23.00 or more...sometimes in restaurant thare is more people, sometimes less....but the children on 21 or 21.30 go to sleep...

During the day sometimes or more than sometimes.... we need an help with children, but not every day...Umberto till and of june goes to the school till 4.00 in the afternoon...and in july and august is at home every day.

He likes go with bicicle...play with rollerblade, skate, football, play with puzzles...painting, and so on....

We have had an au pair from austria 2 summers ago....she was really ok....and we like have a girl out of Italy in our home...for tasting other culture...other lenguage ecc...

We need you from now sure till middle september, 

We need an help for little houswork too.

We speaks a lot....we are really simple and frendly...

I, the mum, speak a bit of english and german....but dad not so much!!! However Iím sure we will  toghether good understand....

Hope to hear you soon...ciao!

Fulvia, Fabrizio, Umberto e Alda




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