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F049/12. Rovello Porro, Nr Como, North Italy. Junior Nanny for 3 children, Noam aged 5 and twins Sahar & Gal aged 2 1/2. All the children are girls. They all go to nursery school in Milan and the parents take them and pick them up. The children are healthy and socially developed. The parents speak fluent English and Noam has the basics of it and can understand pretty well too. So it will  not be necessary for you to communicate in Italian. Israeli family. Religion: Jewish. Dad is an architect, mum is a medical researcher. The family speak Hebrew, English and Italian. Requirements: Driver Experience/Excellent English even if not Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of car and internet given. To start 4th January 2013 for 6 or 12 months. Approx hrs of work: 8.30am-10.30am. 5.30pm-8.30pm. (On Fridays the hours will be 3.30pm to 8.30pm). Total daily hrs: 5. Time off: Sundays and another 2 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 3 evenings a week. Salary : 150.00 per week (around 121.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). The children go to school from 7.30am to 4.30pm. Usually mum takes and picks up the children from school. The school is in Milan, a 25 minute drive from the family's home. The family live in a cottage, in a nice satellite city of Milan, Saronno. It is a nice little town with a sweet centre and many activities. It is well connected with Milan centre by trains that run every 30 minutes approx and reach the centre of Milan in 30 minutes. Saronno has 500 000 inhabitants. Accommodation: Own private bedroom with double bed, wardrobe, book case and access to internet. Own bathroom. The family have English speaking Sky TV. Duties: On a regular day, a normal schedule would be as follows: You are not required to help the family in the mornings as they leave very early and prepare the children themselves. In the morning you can have flexibility to do 1 1/2 to 2 hours of housework.  You can have time for yourself to do social activities, courses or whatever you like. The family normally get home at around 5.00pm from Monday to Thursday and 2.00pm on Friday. From this time on you are expected to lend a hand with the three children. Both parents are active, involved parents and they do not expect you to spend much time on your own with all three children unless mum needs to pop to the shops or occasionally for evening outings when they would need evening babysitting. Mum needs another helping adult in doing activities with the children. Going to the shops, the pool, or even the park alone with all three children can be quite challenging. Also there needs to be two adults if there is to be a smooth running of the daily/evening routine and to allow mum some quality time with one child at a time, such as taking one of the children for a walk or to a friend's house. Another important role is to cover the parents when one of the children is sick. Mum has good flexibility at work, but still needs to take the healthy children into nursery.  If the children are not ill the family leave early in the morning and they take the children to school. In the morning there is some housework to be done during flexible hours. The total daily hours would be 2 hours per day. The family get back around 5.00pm (apart from Friday when they get home around 2.00pm) and you will need to help with supper, playing and bathing the children. Some evening babysitting is required and help when the children are ill and don't  go to school. Family's interests: Reading, film, travel, walks, cooking. The family go on holiday to the seaside, overseas & to Israel. The family are not looking for a candidate who is a substitute parent/housekeeper but an active part of the family. Therefore they are looking for someone who is active, sociable, fun person. As they do not discipline their children harshly  they expect you to be warm and patient.

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Additional information

The 30 hours per week of the candidate will consist in approx 2 hours housework during the day (at flexible hours as the family are all out at work/day care) and approx 3 hours help with the mother in the afternoon between Monday and Thursday and 5 hours of work with the children (no housework as the children are at home) on Friday and Saturday morning. During the week, you are not expected to prepare the children for school in the morning as the family leave early (at around 7.00am). However, you are expected to stay with the children on Saturday morning (approx 7.00am-12noon) to allow the parents other activities. For what concerns the two hours of housework, you are expected to clean, on alternate days, the girls' room and family bathroom on the upper floor, or the kitchen/living room on the ground floor. Since the house is not big, there is also time to put a load of washing/tumble dry, fold the girls' washed clothes and put them back in place. During the afternoon/evening hours (5.30pm-8.30pm and 3.30pm-8.30pm on Friday) you are expected to play with the children or take them out when the weather permits and then help the parent present in preparing a light dinner (eggs/pasta/salad) and bathing the girls, and to tidy up the kitchen/living room when the girls go upstairs. An evening meal with the family is included within these hours, so all in all it is a pretty relaxed time. The above routine will change if one of the kids is sick and needs caring at home. During these days you are not expected to clean, but your daily working hours may exceed five. You will occasionally be expected to babysit on Saturdays and one additional week day. Sundays are all off, and you can enjoy a full weekend once a month. Unless the family is travelling, you can take your evenings off with flexibility according to your own activities. The family have a 7 seater car so you are invited to join the family during all family outings, including on Sundays should you wish to.

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