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Near Trapani, South Italy



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F036/12. Alcamo, Nr Trapani, Sicily, South Italy. Short term position. Mother's help needed for family with one child, Alice aged 2. Religion: R/C. Dad his own business, mum is a teacher. The family live in a villa, 1km from the sea. Requirements: English Mother Tongue. Use of car and internet given. To start asap for 4 months. Accommodation: single private bedroom with own bathroom. The family's house is a lovely welcoming house with all modern amenities. Hours of work: 8.30am-1.00pm. 3.00pm-6.30pm. Total daily hrs: 8. Duties: In the morning you would go with dad to the office and always stay with him and speak English to him. He needs to learn English for his work. In the afternoon you would stay with Alice and look after her, take her on the beach, take her out for walks, feed her etc. Time off: 1 1/2 days including the evenings. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 5 evenings a week if the parents go out. They don't go out every evening. Salary: 800.00 p/m, negotiable (around 164.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). Family's interests: Shopping, the beach and seaside. Sicily is a lovely island with lots of history and lovely sandy beaches. The people are friendly and it has a very hot climate. There are other nannies working in the area.

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