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F028/11. Madrid, Spain. Summer Position. Au-pair needed for family with twins, Gabriela and Alejandro aged 5. Religion: R/C. Dad is a banker, mum is an agent. They have been happily married for 19 years. Other help kept: a live in housekeeper who looks after the children and helps with housework. They also have another daily cleaner who comes in for most of the week for just the housework. Requirements: Ability to Swim/Driver/Non-Smoker or willing to smoke only outside/Experience/English Mother Tongue. Use of car and internet given. To start 20th June 2013 for 3 months. Approx hrs of work: 9.00am-11.00am. 5.00pm-9.00pm. Total hr: 6. Time off: 1 1/2 days including evenings. You are asked to babysit for a maximum 5 evenings per week if the parents go out. The family live in a large house with garden and swimming pool. They are located 15 minutes from Madrid in an enclosed and very secure environment with a garden and swimming pool.  Public transport connections are excellent. Access to Madrid is very easy and relatively quick. The area is where a lot of the best schools in Madrid are located. Accommodation: own private suite (bedroom and ensuite bathroom). You can use the children's downstairs playroom to watch TV. The children go to school every day with their mother at 8.30am and you will need to pick them up every afternoon at 4.30pm. You will walk back home with the children as it is only a 15-20 minute walk. Most of the work would be before school and from 4.30pm. During the day you will have time for yourself to whatever you wish (study, visit museums, etc). During the weekend the family implement a rota system with their staff so that there is always someone at home with the children.  Duties: waking the children up in the mornings and preparing them for school, helping with the children's meals, bathing them in the evening and preparing them and putting them to bed, being in charge of every aspect of the children's activities, playing with them, motivating them in different skills such as art, arts and crafts, making things, reading, writing, sport etc, helping the children with their homework. The family will expect you to do all household chores related to the children. In the event that the family are short of help due to holidays, illnesses or for whatever reason you will be expected to lend a hand around the house. You will be asked to travel with the family on holiday.  Family's interests: Sport, music, arts, reading etc. The family will be going to Ibiza and Tenerife this summer. Tihey have 2 dogs in Ibiza. This is a great summer position where you will have the opportunity to experience 3 different parts of Spain. Salary: 200.00 p/w, negotiable ( around 180.00 p/w, at the current rate of exhange).

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