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Reggio Calabria,North Italy



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F005/13. Reggio Calabria, South Italy. Junior Nanny for 3 children aged 3, 9 & 11. Religion: R/C. Dad has his own business, mum is a lawyer. The family speak English and of course Italian. Other help kept: a housekeeper for 30 hours per week for the heavy housework. Requirements: Swimmer/Experience/English Mother Tongue/Willing to do Housework. Use of internet given. To start 15th May 2013 for 6 or 7 months. Approx hrs of work: 2.00pm-8.00pm. Total daily hrs: 6. Time off: 1 1/1 days including the eve\nings and another 3 evenings off per week. You are asked to babysit for a maximum of 2 evenings a week if the parents go out.: 120.00 p/w, negotiable (around 100.00 p/w, at the current rate of exchange). The children already know English because they have had 2 English Mother Tongue junior nannies from our company. The are very well behaved children. The family live in the city centre and the schools are 5 minutes away on foot. The children start school at 8.00am and finish school at 1.00pm. You will be needed mainly in the afternoon, from after lunch. The after school activities are maximum 15 minutes walk away. You do not need to know how to drive. The family live in a large apartment. From July to September the family stay in their beach villa directly on the beach. In June you will probably have 6 days off as the children will be attending a summer camp. At the end of August the family will be going on holiday for 8-10 days and you will be free. The family are looking for someone who is very willing and chatty. They would like someone who can take the initiative who is able to teach English to a good standard. Accommodation: own private bedroom with bathroom on the top floor of the apartment. At the beach villa (from the beginning of July to the beginning of September) you will stay in a detached annexe in the garden of the main house which is directly on the beach. Duties: As the children are at school you will be mainly needed in the afternoon in May, September and October. But from the 15th June to the beginning of September (when school starts) you will be asked to work partly in the morning and partly in the afternoon. For example 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The children will go to the beach every day. On Saturday you will be asked to work only 2 hours in the afternoon and the remaining hours you will recuperate during the week. Sunday is free. If for some reason mum needs you on Sunday she will give you another day off during the week. Family's interests: Travel, going out with friends or dinner parties. The family spend 2 whole months by the sea in the family  villa with garden, 15 minutes from the city by car. The family are looking for a nice girl who will respect the family's privacy as they will respect yours. After supper you will finish work and relax in your room or go out. They are looking for someone well mannered and who will be professional with the family and their friends. The family will support and guide you when you arrive to help you adapt to a new unknown environment. This family have already had 2 junior nannies from us, one from New Zealand and one from Canada.

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