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Print out the application form, fill it in and fax it to us on: + 44 (0)207 1529598 Please answer all questions giving as much detail as possible on your family and your requirements. All fields marked with a * are required and must be completed.



Once your application has been received you will be given a reference N° that you will need to quote on all correspondence, e-mails or when contacting us by telephone









Click on the credit card link at the bottom of the form to access our credit card form that you can print out and fax to us. For your convenience if you prefer, you can send us your application form securely  on-line. We also accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

First Name:*         


Last Name:*    


Home Tel No: (country code first)


Work Tel No: (country code first)


Mobile No: (country code first)


Fax No: (country code first)






VAT number or equivalent


Name and address of where VAT number is registered



Marital Status:* (Please tick:) Married & Living Together:



Living Together:  









Languages Spoken:*


Names & ages of children:*


Description of home and locality * (please specify if located in rural area and if there is access to public transport):


Other help kept in home:                

 N°. of hours weekly of other help:


Type of help needed (please tick):*


 Au-pair:      Mother’s Help:    Nanny:  Maternity Nurse:    Governess/Tutor:


Is it essential that the candidate:(please tick) Drives?  

Is a non-smoker?    Can cook?     Is mother tongue English?

Is mother tongue of another language?   

If yes which language?    Can speak a foreign language?     

 Can swim?     Has had live-in experience with children?


Will the girl be expected to do housework for the family?     


Would you consider employing a male?  


Will you give use of a car?


Will you give use of the internet?


Would you accept a candidate who will smoke only outside the family home?


Does your family have any special needs? (please specify)



Approx starting date:*                           Length of stay:* 


Description of candidate's accommodation:*



 Approx hrs of work:*

Morning From:



Afternoon From:


Total daily hours: (max 10 hours per day)*


Duties (please go into as much detail as possible)*




Time off*

Evenings off (excluding the evenings of the days off)*


Weekly salary*

Is salary negotiable?


Family’s interests*


Where do you go on holiday?*


Do you have any animals?(please give details)*


How did you find our web site? Please quote ref N° if applicable*


Any other relevant information which you feel is important




If you have browsed our summary of available candidates and have seen one or more candidates you are interested in quote their ref N° here



If you have already been registered with us please quote your previous Family Ref   N° here.


Pay to:


Payment for:

Deposit valid for one year which will be deducted from agency fee on confirmation of chosen candidate





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1. These Terms and Conditions shall represent a legally binding contract between Totalnannies Ltd (“the Agency”) and the client or employer (“the Client”).
2. The current scale of charges are as follows: Placement Fee of £550.00
3. All correspondence and records shall be confidential and remain the property of the Agency. Information supplied by the Agency is confidential and is accepted by the Client on the condition that such information will not be disclosed to 3rd parties.
4. Personal contacts or interviews with prospective candidates or their acquaintances can be arranged only if the full Placement Fee has been preauthorized by credit or debit card. After preauthorization has been received the Client will receive the candidate’s contact details and will have 7 days in which to decide whether to hire the candidate or not. After 7 days the Client’s credit or debit card will be unless the Client contacts the Agency to inform it that they do not want to confirm the candidate. Subsequently if the Client decides not to confirm the candidate the card will be refunded in full. When the Client receives an offer of a candidate and clinks on the link to confirm the candidate the Client authorizes the Agency to debit their debit or credit card with the Placement Fee as per the Agency’s invoice in order to confirm the candidate. When the Client receives an offer of a candidate and clicks on the link requesting further information on the candidate they are requesting the candidates contact details to contact the candidate directly and subsequently are authorizing the Agency to preauthorize their debit or credit card with the Placement Fee as per the Agency’s invoice.
5. If the Client directly contacts a candidate introduced by the Agency without the Agency’s authorization the Client will be in breach of these terms and conditions and the Agency reserves the right to suspend the search on the Client’s behalf and the registration will be considered invalidated and non refundable.
6. Should the client effect any form of introduction, direct or indirect, of a candidate to a third party, or pass on any details resulting in permanent, short-term, full or part time employment, the Client will be responsible for the full Placement Fee in accordance to the Current Scale of Charges.
7. The Agency will endeavour to provide the Client with candidates as well suited as possible, and to this end will seek to furnish the Client with all relevant information concerning the candidate and to check details, documentation and references. However, the final responsibility for any decision to employ the candidate rests with the Client, who is therefore strongly advised to check details, documentation and references personally. The Agency does not offer any warranty as the suitability, honesty, character or capability of any candidate.
8. The Agency accepts no liability of any kind for any inconvenience , loss or damage to property, or any loss or injury howsoever arising directly or indirectly from any act of omission of any candidate introduced by the Agency even if such act of omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty.
9. Fees are due on confirmation of a candidate either verbally or in writing, and not at the commencement of employment. The Client shall be liable to pay the Agency’s Placement Fee as stated on the Agency’s invoice sent to the Client prior to the arrival of the candidate. Fees are inclusive of all expenses.
10. In the event that a candidate should cancel her engagement prior to the commencement date the Agency will provide, a substitute candidate of equivalent qualifications free of charge. Confirmation cannot be tied to only one candidate. In the event that a Client cancels an agreed placement, prior to the commencement date a replacement candidate will be provided at a later date free of charge. Under no circumstances is the Placement Fee refundable once the Client and candidate have sent the Final Acceptance e-mail.
11. The duration of the contract is specified on the job description established by the Client on the application form. Once the candidate has completed the duration of contract she/he has completed his/her contract and will be eligible for placement in a new host family. If the Client and candidate want to renew the contract for a further period, short or long term, this needs to be done through the Agency and a subsequent Placement Fee will be due at a 50% reduced rate as per the Agency’s scale of charges. If the Client does not contact the Agency to inform it that the contract has been terminated the contract will be automatically renewed for a subsequent period equal to that of the initial contract period and the Client’s credit or debit card will be charged with the subsequent fees due.
12. If a candidate employed by the Client through the Agency is re-employed by the Client after the termination of the original period of employment then a further Placement Fee shall be payable by the Client to the Agency. Such Placement Fee will be equivalent to the Placement Fee which would have been payable by the Client to the Agency if the Agency would have introduced the candidate to the Client at time of re-employment reduced by 50%.
13. In the event that a candidate introduced by the Agency is dismissed by the Client within 6 weeks of engagement, or if the candidate leaves of his/her accord within that period, the Agency be notified within 6 weeks of engagement in writing.
14. On receipt of the candidate’s and Client’s confirmation that he/she has left employment of the Client within 6 week’s of the commencement of employment, a substitute will be supplied after payment of the flight contribution (see point 15) and without any further charges.
15. Together with the Placement Fee, on confirmation a flight contribution of £120.00 is due to cover the flight contribution the host family will pay the candidate on completion of her contract. The Agency will refund this sum to the Client once the candidate has completed her contract.
16. On the candidate arrives in the Client's home the Client must deduct £99.00 for the candidate's first salary and refund ths to the candidate if she stays at least 6 weeks in her contract.
17. After the agreed duration, the candidate is entitled to recieve from the Client a flight contribution of £120.00 and paid holidays. After a one year stay one month’s paid holiday is due. Shorter durations are calculated pro-rata.
18. Two week’s notice is required by both parties to terminate the engagement. If two week’s notice is not given the candidate is entitled to two week’s extra pay. During the whole notice period the candidate is required to carry out her normal duties and be paid the agreed salary.
19. The Agency does not employ the candidates introduced and any Contracts of Employment entered into between the Client and the candidate are between those persons directly. The Client is responsible for complying with all employment, fiscal and other relevant legislation, particularly including that related to PAYE and National Insurance when necessary.
20. If the candidate is unable to perform her duties due to sickness or injury she shall be entitled to receive sick leave in accordance with the following: Full pay for the first week. Half pay for the second week. If the candidate ‘s absence exceeds 2 weeks any further payments will be at the discretion of the Client and in addition the Client shall be entitled to terminate the appointment in accordance with the notice period.
21. The Agency cannot guarantee that a candidate will complete his/her proposed length of stay or engagement.
22. No replacement candidate or further discounts will apply if the Client has been in breach of any of the Agency’s Terms and Conditions. Neither will any replacement or discount apply if the Client changes the specifications of the position after the original offer has been made.
23. No replacement candidate or future discounts will apply if statements in the application form prove untrue and/or the conditions undertaken are not kept to.
24. On application a £99.00 deposit is payable. The deposit is valid for one year and will bed deducted from the placement fee on confirmation. The deposit is not refundable.
25. The Client and candidate are responsible to obtain all necessary work permits or visas where necessary and is not the responsibility of the Agency. Any information provided by the Agency regarding visas and work permits is purely for informational purposes and the Agency cannot accept responsibility if this information is incorrect as this type of information is subject to frequent change.
26. On acceptance of these terms and conditions the Clients confirms that they are already receiving the services of the Agency and authorize the Agency to post their offer on totalnannies.com and carry out the recruitment of suitable candidates on their behalf.
27. English law will be applied to this contract and both parties agree to submit jurisdiction of English courts of law.
28. We reserve the right to withdraw our services and terminate the agreement at any time and in this case all payments will be refunded in full.





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