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Fill in the application form on-line. Please answer all questions

giving as much detail as possible on your family and your requirements. All fields marked with an * are required and must be completed.



Once your application has been received you will be given a

reference N that you will need to quote on all correspondence, e-mails or when contacting us by telephone










We offer SSL on-line secure credit card payment and accept all major credit cards. For your convenience if

you prefer, you can fax us your application with your credit card details. We also accept payments by, cheque and bank transfers.


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Languages spoken*


Names and ages of children.* Please specify the school hours of the children. When they start school, when they finish school and if the candidate needs to take the children to school and go and pick them up. Please also state the distance of the school to your home and with what form of transport will the candidate have to go to the childrens school


Description of home and locality* (please state if in a rural area and if so access to public transport)


Other help kept in home

N of hours worked weekly of other help

Type of help needed (Please tick)*


Is it ESSENTIAL that the candidate can:




Is a non-smoker?

Has experience with children?

Is mother tongue English?

Will the candidate be expected to do housework for the family?

Does your family have any special needs (please give details)

Will you accept a candidate who smokes only outside?

Do you need a candidate that can speak a particular foreign language?


Would you consider employing a male?

Will you give use of a car?

Will you give use of the internet?

Approx starting date*

Length of stay*(stays of 1-4 mths are only for maternity nurse placements. For short term stays refer to our short term application form)

If no candidate was available for 1 year would you take someone for 6 mths?

Description of candidate's accommodation. (Own private bedroom should be provided)*

Approx hrs of work:*

Morning from    to

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Total daily hours: (max 10 hours per day)*


Duties (please go into as much detail as possible)*


Time off*


N Evenings off (exlcuding the evenings of the days off)*


Weekly salary*


Is salary negotiable?

Family’s interests*

Where do you go on holiday?*

Do you have any animals?(please give details)*

How did you find our web site? *


Any other relevant information which you feel is important

If you have browsed our summary of available candidates and have seen one or more candidates you are interested in quote their ref N here

If you have already been registered with us please quote your previous Family Ref N here.




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