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This is a summary of our currently available candidates. All these candidates have been personally interviewed, they have references which have been personally verified by our staff and have passed our stringent screening procedure. We have full files of these candidates with their full CV, interview report, references, medical certificate and diplomas when applicable. To see a larger image of a candidate, click on the photo. If you are interested in one or more of these candidates state their reference N° on your application form or click on their reference N° to receive their full files.

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Candidate Ref No: Nationality Age Foreign Languages Totalnannies Nanny
France 26 English No
A 26 year old Qualified Nanny currently in France.
Born 1991 Nationality French. Corentin has a childcare diploma and experience with several families as a live in private Manny.He is able to teach music and outdoor sports and can drive,swim and cook.He is a non smoker and will help with any chores and housework.
Available from:  ASAP for 6 months
Mexico 30 English No
A 30 year old currently in Mexico.
Born 1987 nationality Mexican. Edith is one of our more active candidates, she takes part in running competitions and has worked as an live in Au pair in Europe before. She can drive, cook and is willing to help with housework.Edith is health conscious and a non smoker.
Available from:  ASAP for 12 months
South Africa 30 Afrikaans No
A 30 year old Qualified Teacher currently in South Africa.
Born 1987 nationality South Africa, Kim has studied child psychology and likes to keep active and fit with yoga.She can swim, cook and is willing to do house work.
Available from:  30-11-2017 for 3 months
Croatia 29 English,French,Italian,Spanish Yes
A 29 year old Qualified Nanny currently in Croatia.
Born 1988 nationality Croatia. Vedrana has previous live in experience and vast language skills. She is very interested in different cultures and can speak French, Italian, Spanish along with some German and Portuguese. She can swim, drive and cook and is willing to help with housework. Vedrana like to go running and keep fit and is a non smoker.
Available from:  ASAP for 3 months
Brazil 50 English,Italian No
A 50 year old currently in Italy.
Born 1967 nationality Brazilian. Quiteria has experience working with families, she has a lot of affection for children. She can speak cook, swim and is willing to clean and do housework. She is a non-smoker. Quiteria loves music, dancing and going to the cinema
Available from:  ASAP for 12 months
Australia 39 French,Greek,Italian,Mandarin Cinese,Portuguese,Spanish No
A 39 year old currently in Australia.
Born 1978 nationality Australian and Italian. Jeanette is a very proactive candidate that is very interested and educated and in good health. She can drive,cook,swim and will help with housework. Jeanette has experience as a mother's help and has great language skills. She is a non-smoker
Available from:  ASAP for 3 months
Holland 21 English,Flemmish,French No
A 21 year old currently in France.
Born 1996 Nationality Holland. Rosette is a very active sailing instructor, interested in childcare. She can swim, cook and wants to help with housework. She has excellent English and is a non smoker. Rosette enjoys playing hockey, football and tennis.
Available from:  ASAP for 4 months
Spain 46 English,Italian,Spanish No
A 46 year old currently in Spain.
Born 1970 Nationality Spanish. Maria has a BA in English. Maria can cook and is a non smoker. She has worked as a teaching assistant She is willing to do housework.
Available from:  ASAP for 4 months
Italy 31 English,French,German No
A 31 year old Qualified Nanny currently in Italy.
Born 1986 Nationality Italian Francesca is a nice young lady with a lot of childcare experience, she is very qualified with teaching and childcare diplomas and she can drive, cook and swim.Francesca is willing to help housework and she is also a non smoker.
Available from:  ASAP for 12 months
United Kingdom 29 German No
A 29 year old currently in the United Kingdom.
Born in 1987 Nationality British, Lisa is a lovely candidate with childcare experience,she is a strong swimmer and experienced ski instructor.Lisa is able to speak German and she can cook, swim and is willing to do housework. Lisa likes to keep very active and is a non smoker.Lisa has worked as a live in nanny and has very good references.
Available from:  ASAP for 1 month